• About On-Board Air Compressor Systems

About On-Board Air Compressor Systems

An on-board air compressor system lets you inflate and deflate air pressure in your air springs from inside or outside your vehicle, often with the touch of a button. Most on-board compressor systems are compatible with any brand of air springs and come with a compressor, controller and all the parts you need to install the system on your vehicle for convenient air filling on-the-go. The compressor mounts to your vehicle’s frame and attaches to an air line that runs to your air springs. On-board air compressor systems can be installed by the vehicle owner in a few hours or by one of many dealers are experienced in these installations.

On-board air compressor systems are a worthwhile add-on to your current air suspension because they eliminate the search for gas stations that have a working compressor – saving you time, energy and money.

So how do you choose an on-board air compressor system with all the options out there?

First, decide if you need an analog or wireless system. Analog systems mount to your vehicle’s cab and allow you to inflate and deflate your air springs with the push of a button. A gauge connecting air lines to the compressor is also mounted in your cab. Wireless systems provide the added convenience of allowing you to control your air springs anywhere within 50 feet of your vehicle without any air lines into the cab.

Then, choose between single or dual-path. If you haul an evenly distributing load, then the single-path compressor systems will allow you to inflate and deflate the left and right air springs equally. If you usually carry more weight on one side than the other, then consider a dual-path compressor system. The dual air pathways enable you to inflate and deflate the left and right air springs to different pressures.

Finally, pick a standard or heavy duty compressor. A standard compressor is a good choice if you use your compressor to control air spring pressure occasionally. A heavy duty compressor is the best choice for drivers who use their compressor frequently.

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