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Single-Path vs. Dual-Path – Which One Do You Really Need?


Adding an on-board air compressor system can give you control of your air spring pressure with the touch of a button.

Single-path systems allow you to inflate or deflate two (or more) air springs at the same rate, at the same time, to the same air pressure. Your air springs will always be set to the same pressure.

These systems are best utilized by those often towing or hauling loads evenly distributed side-to-side or front-to-back – like a 5th-wheel camper, a bumper-pull camper, or a trailer.

Dual-path systems allow each air spring to be inflated or deflated individually, independent of one another. This allows you to set your air springs to different pressures depending on the needs of the load you are hauling.

These systems are best for pickup campers, those who use their truck bed to haul various loads for work or play, or those who typically run with unevenly distributed hauls.

Our single-path and dual-path air compressor systems are available in analog and wireless styles and are also sold with both standard- or heavy-duty compressor options.

Both single- and dual-path on-board air compressor systems can be installed in a few short hours or by one of our many experienced dealers!

Check out our line of single-path and dual-path on-board air compressor systems!