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Elkhart Lake, WI

Found two tractors: an Oliver 1950 with a Detroit diesel and an Oliver 80 Row Crop tractor. Had to pick one up in New Mexico and one in Kansas. Total weight was 14,800 lbs. for the tractors. I have a 2014 Dodge and with the new air bags installed, the truck ran and handled like a dream. Well worth the money.


Long Beach, CA

I just installed Air Lift 1000 on my 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport.

The old springs were soft and the ride was saggy. Very uncomfortable when driving off-road in the desert with friends. Now the ride is much firmer and comfortable, no more bouncing and no more rear suspension arms hitting the chassis rubber stops. It also raised the rear of my SUV by almost 2 inches.

Installation took 40 minutes flat and my mechanic expertise is near inexistent. Very easy job, wonderful product.

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I do search and rescue with my vehicle. It gets weighed down with equipment, but the Air Lift system levels out my vehicle and gives me better control.

Ashton M.

Kissimmee, FL


Haddon Heights, NJ

After debating with my thoughts on how useful this product would be, I pulled the trigger and purchased an Air Lift kit for my tow vehicle. Installation was dead simple and only took me an hour. The proof is in the pudding with Air Lift. Do they work? You bet they do. I now have control over leveling the tongue weight load that my camper puts on my pickup. Along with reduced sway and the ability to level a load, as well as absorb shock – Air Lift also makes towing a safer operation. I can’t say enough about what this product has done for my peace of mind behind the wheel. Don’t second guess this purchase, if you are towing/hauling in a truck with spring based suspension – you need Air Lift.


Lake City, MI

Very nice kit! I installed the LoadLifter 5000 myself on my 2014 Silverado 1500 Z71 4X4.

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These air springs are awesome. Inexpensive, easy install, high quality and best of all… they work great! I’ve towed my boat, put two yards of heavy wet bark mulch in the back and lumber for a deck and my F-150 truck didn’t even crouch. I’ve done this on a regular basis for 4 years before my air springs and I never felt more “in control” of my truck than I do now. This was a great addition to my truck. THANKS Air Lift!!

Dave Bouchard

Bedford, NH


New Braunfels, TX

I bought a truck camper for my Dodge Ram Quad 1500 last November. As the truck is only a “1/2 ton,” I was careful to select a lightweight camper within it’s limits and with a correct center of gravity. As I was pushing the limits of the truck, I added your LoadLifter 5000. The truck/camper is now easy to level and handles well even on rough roads. I had intended to add an on-board compressor expecting the springs to lose some air periodically, but that has not been the case. I have recently checked the air pressure after three months of cold temperatures and found the springs had not lost even one pound! Great product. Far exceeded my expectations. Thanks!

Wayne Stowell

Hammond, NY

This is my 2012 F250 Superduty with 3000 lbs of wood pellets in the back. I inflated the airbags to 80 lbs, and the truck handled like it was empty. The airbags also help us haul our 30 ft Montana fifth wheel camper.