LoadController Panel

Affordable on-board air spring control, at your fingertips

View part number: 25592

  • Analog, panel-mounted air compressor system
  • Standard-duty compressor included
  • Single-Path System
  • Works with all brands of air springs

Panel Mounted

In-Cab Control Of Your Air Springs

The LoadController Panel is an economically priced, popular on-board air spring compressor system. It allows for inflation and deflation of air springs on light-to-medium-duty vehicles for convenience and leveling on the go.

Path Model


LoadController Panel is available in a single-path model. This allows you to inflate both air springs at the same rate simultaneously.


Standard-Duty Compressor

Our versatile compressor system makes it easy to adjust your air spring pressure for load or road conditions changes.

What's in the box

See specific application for exact contents.

  • Analog panel-mounted air pressure gauge
  • Standard-duty air compressor
  • All wiring, hardware, and fittings required for installation
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