How Much Trailer Can I Tow

How much Trailer can I Tow?

Answers to the question, how long of a trailer can I tow or how much travel trailer you can tow using our easy reference guide you'll see what size trailers our top trucks can tow.

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Top 5 and Best Trucks for towing

The 5 Best Trucks For Towing Trailers

The 5 best trucks to haul your toys, project cars and work trailers. These are the top Air Lift air suspension support kits and the trucks they fit. What are the best trucks for towing. Air Lift Company developed a list of the best-midsized trucks for towing and hauling trailers, campers and other toys. While […]

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Air Springs Sway Bar Hitch

What does a sway bar do?

A sway bar slows the trailer’s action as you drive, preventing it from swaying back and forth. Trailer sway bars or sway controllers are metal or steel bars that attach from the hitch on your tow vehicle to the tongue of the trailer for towing. They are designed to keep the trailer from swaying as […]

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Guide to Towing On The Road

Towing Guide

Towing a trailer is a practical and valuable skill to have, but it’s one that requires a lot of practice, preparation and caution. A trailer’s added weight, length and handling characteristics will present new obstacles and variables to consider, so it is important to develop a new set of skills and safe driving practices. Regardless […]

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Driving dynamics while towing while towing a large trailer

The Driving Dynamics of Towing a Trailer

The best way to maximize driver control when towing is by keeping your vehicle level. Vehicles are designed with level suspension, and they are engineered to operate in the safest manner with that level suspension. When vehicles carry heavy loads, they develop tendencies to bottom out, develop trailer sway, develop a rough ride, experience light […]

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Pre Drive Checklist

Hauling and Towing Pre Drive Checklist

Check your tires and wheels Inspect your lights Check load distribution Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned tow-pro, you can ease your nerves by performing these pre-drive checks and ensure your vehicle is prepared for the task. Performing these quick checks could prevent little headaches or even save your life or the lives […]

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How to calculate the GVWR of a vehicle

What is GVWR? Why Is It Important?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR is the maximum weight of a fully loaded vehicle, meaning the weight of the vehicle, fuel, passengers and cargo.

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Winter Preparedness

Winter Preparedness Tips

Be prepared to tow in the snow.   Life doesn’t stop just because it snows. And you can’t avoid being on the road, especially if your work or hobbies keep you out and about – can’t race those snowmobiles around the kitchen island after all. So, when you’re preparing for long trips or daily commutes, […]

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Air Lift Install: WirelessAir (2nd Generation)

Wondering how to install Air Lift’s 2nd Generation WirelessAir on-board air compressor system? Then check out this video, as we install the kit in the Air Lift Workshop! As of January 2020, our redesigned WirelessAir system is now shipping for all air spring-equipped vehicles. Offering dual-path, wireless control of your air springs, the WirelessAir (PN […]

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LoadLifter 7500 XL Series Install: 2019 Ram 3500

Wondering how to install Air Lift’s LoadLifter 7500 XL kit? Then check out this video, as we install the 57531 air spring kit in the Air Lift Workshop! As of September 2019, our popular LoadLifter Series air springs are now shipping for the 2019 Dodge Ram 3500 applications. With up to 7,500 lbs. of load-leveling […]

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