Lee Orr Hunts Down a Suspension Solution in Texas


Lee Orr and his wife Kristy spend a lot of time in their truck.

Lee spends his days working as a petroleum landman in Texas, but if you ask him, he’ll tell you that that’s not where his passion lies.

“Hunting and the outdoors,” Lee says. “We use our trucks more for play than for actual work.”

Kristy is a barrel racer, so often times their 2017 F-350 Lariat is loaded down with her 2015, 42-foot Trailswest horse trailer, packed with horses and tack. With that set-up, he’s got a massive tongue-weight, so hauling the trailer across the state of Texas, or even into Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico, is not for the faint of heart.

When the pair is not on the way to a rodeo, they are co-hosting a TV show on the Sportsmen Channel, where Lee leads hunts for anything from coyotes to elk, and anything in between.

In order to get to even the most remote locations on these hunts, they are constantly hauling their UTVs, almost everywhere they go, either in their 18-foot Load Trail utility trailer, or loaded up in the back of the horse trailer.

Loaded up in the back of the horse trailer, like a modified toy hauler, the UTVs were starting to put a strain on the F-350s suspension. The back end was starting to sag and the vehicle had started to sway on cross-country trips, so Lee knew the leaf springs just needed a little extra support.

Knowing that a few of his friends already ran an Air Lift system on their work trucks, Lee put in a call to Air Lift and got himself a LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus+ air spring kit and the WirelessAir on-board air compressor system. Offering 5,000 pounds of load-leveling and upgraded stainless steel components, the system was ready for anything that could be thrown its way.

Lee had the system installed by the guys over at Dales Truck Accessories, in Amarillo, Texas.

“Experience was great,” Lee said, having worked with them before when getting custom wheels, upgraded Ranch Hand front and rear bumpers, and a bed topper for when he’s not using his gooseneck trailer. “They install all of my aftermarket products.”

And now, how has having air changed how Lee and Kristy tow and haul?

“It really has enabled us to drive without fear of overloading, or creating unsafe driving habits,” Lee noted. “The truck feels more firm, responsive, and handles the load better.”

Special thanks to Lee and Kristy for taking the time to share their #lifeonair with us!

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