WirelessOne Tank + EZ Mount complete kit parts and pieces

Upgrade your summer towing with an Air Lift Wireless Tank System


Air Lift WirelessAir Tank + EZ Mount and WirelessOne Tank + EZ Mount systems will make your summer camping trips a breeze. 

Hauling the trailer to the campsite? We’ll get you there safely and can air up your pool floats, mattresses, or anything else you need during the trip. 

Enjoy smoother rides and quicker air spring inflation this summer with the system’s included 2-gallon auxiliary air tank and coiled air hose with quick connect, perfect for toys, tires, or any air needs. 

Wirelessly control your air springs with a solution that can help inflate your tires or toys. EZ Mount pre-assembles the bracket and compressor, making installing these systems easy and quick.

WirelessOne Tank + EZ Mount helps make your towing and hauling experience safer and more comfortable through a single-path system. It inflates and deflates your air springs at the same pressure left and right. 

The WirelessAir Tank + EZ Mount dual-path system allows for the independent adjustment of air springs from left to right. If your camper or truck bed is loaded unevenly, inflating and deflating the air springs at different pressures is a serious benefit. 

Each system comes with a unique hand-held controller. Both feature graphical displays with up to 3 user-defined presets, and a free app allows for control from a compatible smartphone. 

Already have a WirelessAir or WirelessOne system and want to add a tank? Upgrading is easy.

The WirelessAir Tank Upgrade kit and WirelessOne Tank Upgrade kit integrate a 2-gallon auxiliary air tank into your setup, providing extended air supply and improved performance. 

Whether you’re a DIYer or will have to have one of our Authorized Installers install it, both WirelessAir and WirelessOne come with everything needed for a complete installation.

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