• Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance Tips

It’s that time of year again, folks… 

The skies are blue, the snow is melting, and there’s even a little bit of green in the grass (at least up here in Michigan). With the return of spring means it’s time for everyone’s favorite activity – spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to vacuuming, cleaning out your closet, and doing some yard work. It applies to your truck, your toys, and your air springs, too.

Whether you’ve had your camper locked up, boat dry-docked all winter, or you’ve been roaming about the south with your fifth-wheel, it’s time to check in, wash the dust off, fill up the gas tank, and get ready for the fun that comes with warm weather. 

Before the excitement grabs you and gets you way ahead of yourself, take an hour or two one Sunday afternoon to make sure you can get on the road to fun safely. 

Here’s a few tips to make your winter to summer transition a breeze:

  • Give your Air Lift air springs and air line a quick rinse. Over the winter, salt, dirt, gravel, and road grime can build up on your load support system, which could potentially cause a leaky fitting or rust. When you dig the ol’ garden hose out, get down and get everything looking shiny and new again.

  • Do a quick visual inspection. Sometimes road debris can knock your air spring hardware a little out of place. Check over your air springs and make sure that there is no evidence of rubbing. Make sure your heat shield is securely mounted and at the proper distance from the heat source. Check that your air line is attached to the vehicle, and reattach any section that may have come loose with a zip tie. If you have an on-board air compressor, check the filter and clean it if necessary.

  • Make sure your air springs are inflated to at least 5 PSI. Drops in temperature can cause the air spring to lose air pressure, much like a tire, so make sure you’re still riding around as a safe PSI.

  • Spray your air spring, air line, and fittings with soapy water to check for leaks.  Cycle the system and watch for any bubbles to form. If you spot a leak, tighten everything up and cycle the system again. If it’s still leaking, give our Customer Service team a call and we’ll see what we can do to help!

Once you know your truck and your Air Lift system are in tip-top shape, get out there! Go put your toys to good use and get back on the level! 


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