• Why Purchase an On-Board Air Compressor System?

Why Purchase an On-Board Air Compressor System?

You purchased a great set of air springs to help level your trailer load, so why should you spend the extra money to purchase an on-board air compressor system? Adding air suspension makes a huge difference when towing a trailer, but adding an on-board air compressor system makes it convenient and easy to use. Road conditions are always changing and on-board air allows the user to custom tune their ride on-the-fly. Air springs can also be fine tuned based on trailer type or for varying loads. When you’ve finally arrived at your camping destination and set your trailer down on site the last thing you want to worry about is, “Where can I find air for my air springs?” With an on-board air control system you’ll never have to worry about tracking down a gas station to re-air up before hitting the long road home. Another nice feature of on-board air is that the trailer can be placed in a “kneel¬ing” stance at the push of a button making unloading the trailer a little easier.

An on-board air compressor system lets you inflate and deflate air pressure in your air springs from inside or outside your vehicle generally with the touch of a button. Most on-board air compressor systems are compatible with any brand of air springs and come with a compressor, controller and all the parts you need to install the system on your vehicle for convenient air filling on-the-go. On-board air compressor systems can be installed by the vehicle owner in a few hours or many dealers are experienced in these installations as well. The compressor mounts to your vehicle’s frame and attaches to an air line that runs to your air springs.

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