• LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE vs. LoadLifter 5000

LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE vs. LoadLifter 5000

pb-ultimate-3Air Lift has been manufacturing and selling top-quality adjustable, load bearing, and ride stabilizing air suspension systems since 1949. When it comes to handling heavy cargo, or towing a heavy camper or trailer, Air Lift offers an air spring kit for almost any application. For those with pickup trucks, vans and motorhomes with leaf springs, Air Lift offers two similar add-on air adjustable suspension kits: LoadLifter 5000™ and the new LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE™.

LoadLifter 5000 and LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE are heavy-duty, fully adjustable air spring suspension kits (also referred to as air bags). Both of these systems are used in conjunction with the OEM suspension components, and are easily installed using brackets and hardware included in each kit. The key difference in these two systems is the presence of an integrally molded jounce bumper inside of LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE kits.

LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE Air Spring Internal Jounce BumperThe jounce bumper in LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE gives an extra level of security to drivers who demand that their vehicle carry exceptionally heavy cargo or pull extremely heavy trailers and campers. Like LoadLifter 5000, LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE provides up to 5,000 pounds of load-leveling capacity*, single or double convoluted bellows air bag springs, roll plates (to protect the springs from sharp edges), mounting brackets, and all the hardware needed for installation.

In addition, LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE offers peace of mind through innovative technology. In standard air spring kits, if the vehicle operator were to overlook proper minimum air spring inflation, the air spring could get damaged during operation of the vehicle. By choosing LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE, with the internal jounce bumper, the likelihood of a damaged air bag is reduced. Even if the air bag is under-inflated, or empty, the weight of the vehicle will press down against the integrated jounce bumper, protecting the air bag until it can be properly inflated.

LoadLifter 5000 continues to be a quality load supporting air spring system, which has been used by many thousands of satisfied customers.

*Never exceed vehicle manufacturer’s recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

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