LoadLifter 5000 vs. LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate


Options are a good thing. They allow you to get exactly what you need to get the job done. But the thing with options is sometimes they can complicate the situation.

“What do I need? Is this the right option for me?”

Don’t panic. We are here to help.

When you’re looking at the heavy-duty load support options available from Air Lift, our best-sellers are the LoadLifter 5000 and the LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate.

Both of these systems provide up to 5,000 lbs. of load-leveling capacity*****, and utilize either single or double-convoluted-bellows air springs, and come with roll plates, mounting brackets, and all the hardware needed to install. These systems are used in conjunction with the OEM suspension components, and are easily installed using brackets and hardware included in each kit, with many applications requiring no drilling into the vehicle frame.

The key difference between these two systems is the presence of an Air Lift exclusive internal jounce bumper, included in all LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate kits.

The jounce bumper in LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate provides an extra level of security to drivers who demand that their vehicle carry exceptionally heavy cargo or pull extremely heavy trailers and campers. The internal jounce bumper works to prevent bottoming out on harsh roads and makes rough transitions smoother, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.

The LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate also offers a peace of mind – with the addition of the internal jounce bumper, the air bags can safely be run at 0 PSI in emergency situations.

With the LoadLifter 5000, as well as our standard air spring kits, if the vehicle operator were to overlook proper minimum air spring inflation, the air spring could get damaged during operation of the vehicle.

By choosing LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate, with the internal jounce bumper, the likelihood of a damaged air bag is reduced. Even if the air bag is under-inflated, or empty, the weight of the vehicle will press down against the integrated jounce bumper, protecting the air bag until it can be properly inflated.

The LoadLifter 5000 is still a high-quality load support air spring system, which has been used by many thousands of satisfied customers, but we know that sometimes you need a little extra support.

So, pick the system right for you and your needs and get on the road in safety and comfort.