Installing Air Spring Heat Shields


Air Lift adjustable air suspension kits are engineered to precisely fit your vehicle. Each kit includes all of the components necessary for a successful installation. Included among the contents of your Air Lift air spring kit are heat shields. Heat shields are included according to necessity, as determined by the OEM vehicle design.

Always install the heat shields provided. Additionally, if your vehicle has been modified beyond factory specifications, then use care to keep air lines and air bags away from potentially hot surfaces, including but not limited to:

Air springs may become damaged if exposed to heat sources.

If the installation of your Air Lift adjustable air bag suspension kit requires one or more heat shields, as determined through extensive research and testing by our engineering department, they will be included with the kit. When routing the air lines, find the best possible route that avoids heat sources and sharp edges.

Heat shields included in Air Lift air suspension kits are typically flat and contain two tabs which must be bent in order to provide at least a ½” of dead air space between the heat source and the shield. The heat shield can then be attached via the tabs and clamps included in the kit. An additional ½” of clearance must remain between the air spring and the heat shield.

Vehicles which are lifted or hoisted will require that you take into account their actual riding height when installing the heat shields (if necessary). When the vehicle is placed on a level surface and normal ride height is achieved, it is a good idea to inspect the heat shields one last time to ensure that air lines and air springs are thoroughly protected from heat sources.