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How Do Adjustable Air Springs Work?

Works With Your Existing Suspension

Air Lift adjustable air springs (also called air bags) fit your existing suspension and help to properly distribute weight to all four tires, giving you a safer and more comfortable ride when towing or hauling a heavy load. For leaf spring vehicles, the adjustable air springs just mount on top of your leaf springs. For coil spring vehicles, the air springs fit easily inside the coils. Installation is fast and simple and most of our applications do not require you to drill into your vehicle’s frame. Our air springs work by attaching an air line to each spring, allowing you to inflate or deflate the springs through a Schrader valve, which is fillable at your bumper. Most Air Lift air springs are fully adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI. For optimal convenience, install an Air Lift on-board air compressor system, which allows you to inflate or deflate the air springs from inside or outside your vehicle with the touch of a button.

Easy Installation

Air Lift adjustable air springs are easily installed in under 2 hours with common hand tools. Watch these quick videos to see how easy it is to install our air springs You can install them yourself or one of our many installers across the US and Canada can install them for you.

Typical installations include:

  1. Laying out kit components and raising vehicle on jackstand.
  2. Installing brackets and air springs on your vehicle’s frame. Or for Air Lift 1000, inserting air springs inside coil springs.
  3. Routing air lines and checking installation.

For detailed instructions for your specific vehicle, find your installation manual here.

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