Compressor Systems FAQs


Do I have to rip apart my dash to install one of these systems?

Unless you are planning on doing some type of custom gauge install, you will not need to rip apart your dash to install an on-board air compressor system. We provide stylish gauge panels and even pods to help you mount your gauges in your desired location. It is also possible to mount our gauges in most aftermarket gauge pods.

What is the best place to mount a compressor/manifold?

We recommend mounting the compressor/manifold on the inside of the vehicle’s frame, to help protect it from the elements.

How fast will the low-duty compressor inflate a typical set of springs?

Adjustments to your desired PSI can be achieved in a few seconds (increments of 10-25 PSI). Inflation from 0-100 PSI may take a minute or so to complete.

I tow a boat, can the control system components (compressor, manifold, etc.) be submerged in water?

Although the control system components can withstand the elements such as rain and snow, we do not recommend submerging these components as they are not completely sealed waterproof units. In this case you might consider mounting your compressor system components towards the front of your vehicle instead of the rear.

Can I use the compressor to inflate my tires?

Our tank-less compressor systems are not designed to inflate tires. We do offer the QuickShot compressor systems (part numbers 25415 or 25430) which include a tank and enough pressure to fill up tires and even run some air tools!

Can I attach an air tank to the control system?

Most of our compressor systems are not designed to work in conjunction with a tank. Our QuickShot compressor systems (part numbers 25415 or 25430) include a tank though and allow you to use your on board air for tires, inflatable toys, air horns and most air tools.