How to Choose An On-Board Air Compressor System


First things first…what is an on-board air compressor?

You probably know that air spring suspension is the most versatile suspension system out there…and a compressor system is what makes the springs adjustable and ready for any load. An on-board air compressor is a system that allows you to adjust the air pressure in your air springs from the touch of a button. Because of this, you can easily adjust the load support and leveling capacity of your vehicle…so this comes in handy, especially when you’re towing or hauling some heavy loads.

That sounds pretty solid. Now…which one is right for me?

Well, that depends on your answers to a few questions…

Question 1: What are you towing/hauling?

On the flip side, if you generally haul loads with an even weight distribution, you might like the single-path compressor system. The difference is that it will adjust your air springs simultaneously, ensuring that you don’t needlessly inflate or deflate them unevenly.

Learn more about the difference between single-path and dual-path compressor systems.

Question 2: How frequently do you tow/haul?

Do you tow and haul like it’s your job? …or is towing and hauling literally your job? If your source of income involves hauling heavy loads, then you need a compressor system that you can count on to keep you safe and level. In your case, you want an on-board air compressor system with a heavy duty compressor. They fill the air springs faster and last longer than standard duty compressors. You’ll also want a heavy-duty compressor if you need to inflate your springs to higher pressures (which is the case if you are using it for a motorhome). If you’re not such a frequent tower/hauler, then you should be good to go with a standard-duty compressor.

Question 3: What type of controller do you want?

Learn more about the difference between wireless and analog (mounted) compressor systems.

No matter what you need, Air Lift has something for you. And whatever you choose, you’re going to love the convenience, adjustability, and stability that comes with your investment in an Air Lift on-board air compressor system.

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