The Benefits of Adding Air Springs


Air helper springs for towing help solve many common problems associated with towing and hauling:

Eliminate Squat

Is the rear end of your vehicle sitting low from a heavy load? This is called squat or sag. Lift it back up where it belongs and enjoy the benefits listed below.  This is especially beneficial while towing: adjust the air springs to accept the tongue weight of the trailer.

Air Springs Reduce Poor Braking and Steering

Front tires account for the majority of braking and steering. When towing, air springs ensure that weight is properly distributed to all four tires for optimal braking and steering.

Eliminate Poor Headlight Aim

Your headlights should be on the road and not in the trees. Only level and stable vehicles provide safe and proper headlight aiming—critical for safe night driving.

Reduce Trailer Sway

There is nothing worse than feeling your whole vehicle or trailer sway with one strong burst of wind. When towing a trailer, air springs permit precise tow-vehicle-to-trailer-height adjustment for exact alignment, virtually eliminating trailer sway no matter the weather.

Eliminate Rough Ride

Progressive rate air springs significantly improving ride quality by better absorbing  road inputs, while keeping your tires on the road for better handling.

Reduce Body Roll

The increased spring rate from air springs vastly improves vehicle stability especially in cross winds and emergency maneuvers. Less body roll can increase driver confidence of high center of gravity vehicles in less than ideal conditions.

Eliminate Bottoming Out

Worried about bottoming out on road bumps and driveways? Air springs restore normal ride height when heavily loaded or towing, reducing suspension wear and eliminating crashing on bumps.