Analog vs. Wireless On-Board Air Compressor Systems


There are lots of options when it comes to on-board air compressor systems, but which one is right for you?

The first step is to decide whether you want an analog system or a wireless system.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that analog systems tend to be more economically priced, compared the the wireless options. While the price is a big appeal, analog systems also tend to have a more involved installation process. With theses systems, a gauge, which can be set in a mounting pod, is mounted to the dashboard of your vehicle, in the cab. This requires extra air lines and wires to be routed to the cab.

From the mounted gauge, inside of the cab, you can inflate or deflate your air springs, at the push of a button. There’s no controller to misplace, and the gauge is a standard, easy-t0-read pressure gauge.

Wireless systems offer a level of convenience that analog systems do not – you can control your air springs from up to 50 feet outside of your vehicle. This makes it easy to see exactly how much pressure you need to level your load, allowing you to stand at the side of the vehicle, press a button on the included controller, and watch as normal ride height is restored. This means there’s less hassle, no need to climb in and out of your vehicle as you adjust your air spring pressure.

Wireless systems don’t require you to run air lines or wires to the cab of your vehicle, saving you valuable time on the installation. Wireless compressor systems also come with user-defined memory buttons that allow drivers to save frequently used air spring pressure settings – one setting for towing your camper, one for hauling for work, and another for unloaded, daily driving!

Both analog and wireless on-board air compressor systems are engineered to be compatible with most brands of air springs and there are options for both single-path and dual-path control options, as well as options for standard or heavy duty compressors.

Do your research and make sure you get the right control system for you!