Air Springs vs. Static Load Assistance


Your suspension is delicate.

Yep. You read that right. Delicate.

The suspension consists of a system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect the vehicle body to the wheels, allowing the two to work together to create a relatively comfortable ride, while also being able to handle changing road conditions.

Because of this necessity, factory steel suspensions often compromise the vehicles’ load-hauling ability for unloaded ride quality, meaning that the vehicle will ride great when driving empty, but will be miserable when loaded down – or vice-versa. Because factory suspensions are static, with no way for the owner to adjust it depending on the load being hauled, towed, or the current road conditions, those in the vehicle simply have to live with the build created by the manufacturer.

But you’ve got options when it comes to fixing the ride quality:

OPTION ONE: Steel Overload Springs

You’ve probably heard of them – when the leaf springs get worn out, or can’t handle loads that are well within the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), you can add a leaf to your leaf spring stack or add overload springs to your vehicle.

However, going this route stiffens your suspension, which decreases ride quality while riding empty.

OPTION TWO: Air Springs

Air springs are the only load support product that provide both leveling capacity and improved ride comfort!

With air springs, you have the load support you need, no matter what. Adjustable for your specific load, air springs will ensure your vehicle is level for a safer, more comfortable ride.

Air suspension systems work with your existing leaf or coil springs to effectively add support and ride comfort to stiff steel suspensions.

Simply inflate the air springs when loaded to return the vehicle to level, then deflate the air springs when riding unloaded for optimal ride quality.

Air springs even work with different suspension types – easily installed on top of the leaf spring stack, or inserted into coil springs.

With air springs, your vehicle is leveled, resulting in:

So, which solution is best for you?

We think it’s pretty simple.