Air Springs: Safety and Ride Quality


A Stable Comfortable Ride

Adjustable air springs level and stabilize your vehicle when pulling or carrying a heavy load. The extra weight of a heavy load can cause the back end of your vehicle to squat. This lightens the front end of the vehicle, causing your front tires to have less contact with the road.

Completing a pre-drive checklist to ensure your air bags are stopping this squat when towing or hauling is step #1 before starting your journey. Squatting throws off your vehicle’s balance and causes poor braking, sway, “light” steering, poor headlight aim, bottoming out and an uncomfortable ride. Air springs provide both vehicle leveling and stability which means you, your family and your cargo are safe and sound.

Full air adjustability makes all of the difference when towing or hauling. Stiff steel factory suspensions compromise ride comfort for load hauling capacity and smooth riding suspensions can’t carry heavy loads. Adjustable air springs solve these problems by allowing you to customize your suspension regardless of load or road condition.

All you have to do is add air when towing or hauling heavy loads and then let out air for a softer ride when unloaded. Other products such as additional steel springs or rubber jounce bumpers can provide load support, but those option sacrifice unloaded ride quality. Only air springs are fully adjustable, providing only as much spring rate as needed, giving you the most comfortable ride possible under all loading conditions!

Air Springs Help:

Eliminate squat – Rear end of your vehicle sitting low? Proper weight distribution to all tires eliminates squat and improves steering, braking and tire wear.

Improve headlight aim – Your headlights should be on the road and not in the trees. Only level and stable vehicles provide safe and proper headlight aim which is critical for driving safely at night.

Increase handling and ride quality –Progressive spring rate provided by air springs absorbs road bumps and keeps your tires on the road for better handling.

Reduce bottoming out – Air springs restore normal ride height, reducing suspension wear and eliminating bottoming out on road bumps.

Control sway & body roll – There is nothing worse than feeling your whole vehicle or trailer sway with one strong burst of wind. Air springs increase spring rate which vastly improves vehicle stability and significantly reduces body roll. When towing a trailer, the air springs maintain your vehicle’s height, reducing trailer sway. Less roll and sway means a safer and more comfortable ride. This is very critical for motor homes or pickups with slide-in campers. These types of vehicles have a high center of gravity and a large surface area, and are heavily impacted by strong winds.