Why should I make a copy of my rebate items before I send them?

A. Once your rebate has been submitted and received, your original paperwork will not be returned to you. It is very important that you keep a copy of rebate documents, including UPC codes. If any questions arise regarding your rebate submission or it gets lost in the mail, you will need this information to have your rebate processed.

What is a “UPC” code?

UPC is the Universal Product Code found on every product. This is used to verify purchase.

What needs to be mailed in for the “original” UPC code?

You need to cut the UPC code off the box or boxes. Doing so may mean that your product is no longer accepted if you attempt to return the product to the retailer where you purchased it. A photocopy will not be sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the rebate offer. Do not send the shipping label. That will not be accepted.

Can I still qualify for the rebate without the original label if I threw the box away?

Unfortunately, no, you must have the entire original UPC cut from the box to qualify for the rebate. This verifies that the product was not returned to place of purchase.

Are purchases made on eBay eligible for the mail-in rebate?

No. eBay purchases not applicable and will not be eligible for the mail-in rebate.

I submitted my rebate after the dates specified, will I still receive my rebate payment?

If the postmark date has passed for your rebate, you will not be eligible for that rebate.

Can I submit for more than one rebate on the same product?

No, there is a limit of one offer per envelope and one offer per name/household/address.

When will I receive my check?

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks after verification for payment.

How do I check the status of my rebate?

What Air Lift products qualify for the rebate?

Qualifying air spring kits:
LoadLifter 7500 XL, LoadLifter 5000™ ULTIMATE, LoadLifter 5000™, and RideControl™.
*Excludes AirLift1000™ and AirCell™

Qualifying on board air compressor systems:
WirelessAIR™, WirelessOne,™ SmartAir™ II, all LoadController™ series and QuickShot™.

Purchases made on eBay are not applicable.

(not valid on any Air Lift Performance air spring kits or compressor systems)

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