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WirelessAir provides one-touch inflation and deflation of your air springs from inside or outside the vehicle. Control the air like a boss.

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Works with Most Brands and Styles of Air Springs

WirelessAir is designed to work with most brands and styles of air springs, including those from Air Lift Company and other manufacturers.

This makes it an excellent choice for those who already have an air spring system installed or those looking to upgrade their existing system.

Premium Wireless Control

0n-the-go Air Spring adjustments

With WirelessAir, you can control your Air Lift system from inside or outside your vehicle using either the included remote control or the WirelessAir App, allowing you to make on-the-go adjustments with ease.

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Dual-path system

Smooth and Safe Ride

The dual-path system of the WirelessAir product line allows for independent inflation of each air spring, providing a smoother and safer ride by ensuring that your vehicle remains level and stable under heavy loads.

New Product:

Wireless Tank Systems

The WirelessAir Tank + EZ Mount kit (PN 741000EZ) offers a 2-gallon auxiliary air tank and convenient wireless control, providing on-the-go adjustability and an easily accessible air supply wherever you need it.

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EZ Mount

Our Easiest Installation

The WirelessAir product line includes the EZ Mount pre-assembled bracket and compressor, which reduces installation times by up to an hour, making it quick and easy to get your air lift system up and running.

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Product Videos

Introducing WirelessAir (2nd Generation) with EZ Mount
Air Lift Install: WirelessAir (2nd Generation)
Man installing air spring

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