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Part Number: 59106BT

SlamAir Adjustable Air Springs for Lowered Trucks (Lowered 5-6 in.)

Product Overview

Air Lift SlamAir adjustable air spring kits are designed specifically for lowered trucks. SlamAir air springs provide up to 2000 pounds of leveling capacity*.

Tow and Haul with Safety & Comfort

Air Lift adjustable air springs work with your existing suspension to give your vehicle more leveling support when you need it, so your vehicle is always level and stable. Proper weight distribution to all tires means more safety and a more comfortable ride as well. This results in:

Improved braking and steering: when all four tires are firmly on the ground, braking time and steering are both improved

Less sway: Air springs increase spring rate and vastly improve vehicle stability

Less bottoming out: Air springs provide adjustable load support to help prevent bottoming out on rough roads.

Headlight aim: Only level and stable vehicles provide safe and proper headlight aiming

Less porpoising: Even vehicles which don’t squat when loaded can begin to “porpoise” vertically when towing heavy trailers. Adjustable air springs dramatically reduce this problem for a safer, more comfortable ride.

More even tire wear: when weight is evenly distributed to all four tires, tires wear more evenly.

SlamAir air springs fit easily between the leaf spring and your vehicle’s frame to provide suspension support. To operate, just add air to the air springs if you are carrying a heavy load to ensure that your vehicle remains level and stable. Then, deflate when riding empty. Air spring pressure is controlled through air line tubing that connects to the most convenient spot on your vehicle’s chassis. Our air springs are fully adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI.

Each SlamAir kit also includes 2 air springs, brackets, air lines, Schrader valve and all of the hardware you need for installation. SlamAir air spring kits are engineered to be installed in under 2 hours and include a fully illustrated, user-friendly instruction manual. You can install them yourself or one of our installers throughout the US and Canada can install the kit for you.

Add an Air Lift On-Board Air Compressor System for increased convenience

SlamAir air springs can be easily inflated and deflated on-the-go. For convenient air spring control at the touch of a button, add an Air Lift On-Board Air Compressor System. These systems are great for changes in load, weather or road conditions. Air Lift offers wireless models as well as models that mount in the cab. Air Lift compressor systems are the most advanced in the industry and work with all brands of air springs.

Best Warranty in the Business

All Air Lift adjustable air springs are backed by the best warranty in the industry and we are the only company that provides a Lifetime Warranty on air springs and hardware. We also offer a 60-day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your Air Lift air springs, simply return the kit to the retailer or installer where you purchased it to receive a full refund. SlamAir kits are quality tested in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. ISO 9001:2008 standards ensure Air Lift products meet the highest level of safety and comfort.

Suspension Specialists since 1949

Air Lift has focused solely on designing, engineering and manufacturing the best suspension products since our inception in 1949. Because all of our attention is focused on suspension products, you can be sure your family and cargo’s safety is our top priority. We are proud to be a family owned company based in Lansing, Michigan.

* Never exceed manufacturer’s recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Shipping Weight 17 lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions 6 x 12.5 x 12.5 in

Product Videos


  • Why Air? Why Air Lift?

  • On-Board Air Compressor Systems

Compatible Vehicles

This Part Is Compatible With These Vehicles

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YearMakeModelSub ModelCab Style
1997GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended 2 Door Cab
1997GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended 3 Door Cab
1997GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRARegular Cab
1997GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended 2 Door Cab
1997GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended 3 Door Cab
1996GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended 2 Door Cab
1996GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended 3 Door Cab
1996GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRARegular Cab
1996GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended 2 Door Cab
1996GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended 3 Door Cab
1995GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended Cab
1995GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRARegular Cab
1995GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended Cab
1994GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended Cab
1994GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRARegular Cab
1994GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended Cab
1993GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended Cab
1993GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRARegular Cab
1993GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended Cab
1992GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended Cab
1992GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRARegular Cab
1992GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended Cab
1991GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended Cab
1991GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRARegular Cab
1991GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended Cab
1990GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended Cab
1990GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRARegular Cab
1990GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended Cab
1989GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRAExtended Cab
1989GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRARegular Cab
1989GMCC1500 PICKUPSIERRA XCExtended Cab