• Underframe Air Spring Kits

Underframe Air Spring Kits

When faced with transporting a heavy load, operators need a load support system that not only offers the required additional load support, but also maintains a comfortable ride on a long journey.

A common option in the past was to add steel springs to the suspension to increase load support, but the extra steel stiffened the suspension resulting in an unacceptably harsh ride when unladen.

Discerning drivers that require additional load support use air springs (also called air bags), as they are the only product that are fully adjustable and provides BOTH leveling capacity AND improved ride comfort.

Products such as Air Lift’s adjustable air springs offer a superior ride quality and extra load capacity while eliminating squat, trailer sway and bottoming out.

Not only do they offer a safe and improved ride, but they’re also quick and easy to fit. To facilitate fitment without re-engineering the vehicle, leaf spring-mounted air springs come with an option of two basic types of mounting kits:


Example of a Side-Frame Mounting

Side-frame mounted

With the side frame mounting, the air spring is mounted on the side of the vehicles frame and attaches to the top of the leaf spring stack.

Underframe mounted

As the name suggests, underframe mounted air springs mount underneath the vehicles frame and attach to the axle or the top of the leaf spring stack.

The location of the underframe mounting allows more space for in-bed hitches such as 5th wheel and gooseneck hitches.


Example of an Underframe Mounting

Air Lift offers underframe mounted air springs for many vehicles in our LoadLifter 5000 and LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE series. Backed by a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee, these springs are quick and easy to install – with most applications requiring no drilling.

This ease of fitment means that a set of Air Lift’s air springs can be fitted in under two hours, using only basic hand tools. Everything needed for the installation comes in the comprehensive kit.

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