Winter Preparedness

Winter Preparedness Tips

Be prepared to tow in the snow.   Life doesn’t stop just because it snows. And you can’t avoid being on the road, especially if your work or hobbies keep you out and about – can’t race those snowmobiles around the kitchen island after all. So, when you’re preparing for long trips or daily commutes, […]

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How to cut Air Line

Tech Tip: How To Cut Air Line

VIDEO: Nothing can be more frustrating than spending several hours installing your new air spring kit only to find a leak when you test it at the end of installation. A common cause of that problem – did you properly cut the air line before installing?

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Chevy Silverado Air Lift Install

Air Lift 1000 Install: 2002-2009 Chevy Trailblazer

VIDEO: How to install an Air Lift 1000™ kit (P/N 60779) on a Chevy Trailblazer and related vehicles.

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How To Build and Install an Air Lift 1000 Universal Kit

We have a kit for almost any coil-sprung vehicle. Try out this simple, step-by-step process to see if we’ve got a universal kit for you.

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The Choice that Half-ton Truck Owners Must Make

RideControl vs. LoadLifter 5000 vs. LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE

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3 Tips for finding a great Air Lift dealer or installer

3 Tips for Finding a Good Air Spring Installer

So you've purchased Air Lift air springs – now what? If you don’t want to install your Air Lift air springs yourself, then the next step is to find someone to do it for you.

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How Air Springs Are Made

Air spring suspension systems have been around since they were patented in 1901...but a lot of things have changed in the last hundred years, especially in making and testing those air springs. Take a minute or two to learn a little about the behind-the-scenes action when it comes to the air springs you see on Air Lift shelves.

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How Do Coil Spring Inserts Work?!

Air bags fit into the coil springs that come with your vehicle, which was designed for a smooth ride in the absence of a heavy load. As soon as you add weight to your ride, however...

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How To Tighten an Air Fitting

In air suspension systems, air fittings matter. Under- or over-tightened fittings, mis-threaded fittings, or improperly connected fittings can cause the entire system to fail. That’s not ideal...

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Basic Air Ride Maintenance

Aside from checking the air pressure weekly, your Air Lift air springs and compressor system require very little maintenance. Read more...

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