• Normal Ride Height

Normal Ride Height

Normal Ride Height (NRH) is the design height or curb height of a vehicle in the “as delivered” condition. In other words, it is how high off the ground the vehicle sits without any additional payload and about a half tank of fuel.

We establish the NRH for installing our kits by measuring from the bottom edge of the wheel well to the center of the hub (wheel). There are other standards and methods, but this one works well enough for us.

Knowing and maintaining the Normal Ride Height is important for several good reasons:

  1. NRH is the “design stance” that provides optimal ride, handling, alignment angles, and suspension/chassis component wear.
  2. Vehicles traveling at NRH are safer and more comfortable to drive.
  3. NRH is where our air ride kits should be installed to obtain optimal benefit.
  4. By knowing and maintaining the NRH, you will always have the correct air pressure in the air springs.

* Always maintain the specified minimum and do not exceed the maximum pressure for your particular air springs.

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