• AirCell: Static Load Support from Air Lift

AirCell: Static Load Support from Air Lift

When manufacturers decide on a suspension specification, they generally choose settings that the majority of drivers will be comfortable with. This may mean that, for a truck, they’d look at two or three occupants and maybe a ton of cargo as the design specification. But what if you needed to attach a snow plow?

A ten foot plow could weigh 1,000 pounds, or more. It’s obvious the springs that the vehicle left the factory with would never cope.

The solutions to this fairly common problem range from fitting replacement steel overload springs to bolting on hollow rubber springs; or adding spacers to the spring seats. Nevertheless, there are several problems associated with these solutions:

  • The costs incurred to replace springs can be substantial
  • The unladen ride is usually uncomfortably harsh
  • The vehicle has to be lifted so that the modifications can be carried out

aircell-inuseHowever, using AirCell™ as a static load support system eliminates all the issues surrounding uprating springs to carry a fixed load. In addition, AirCell kits are available for both front and rear suspension applications.

Made from the same rugged material as factory jounce bumpers, AirCell is a low cost, maintenance-free microcellular urethane spring. Designed to reduce squat and enhance ride comfort in vehicles with constant loads, AirCell costs about half the price of steel overload springs while providing a better ride than steel or rubber load supports.

aircell-3stageAirCell is easy to install and maintain: simply snap in and bolt on. Each AirCell kit includes everything needed to easily install in an hour or less, and in most applications there’s no need to lift the vehicle.

Some of the benefits of AirCell include:

  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Better ride than steel overload springs or rubber load supports
  • Using the same rugged material as factory jounce bumpers, AirCell is tough and long-lasting
  • Investment is half the cost of steel overload springs
  • Front kits provide support for trucks with snow plows or other heavy front equipment; while rear kits are available for vehicles that regularly carry heavy loads

aircell-kitEach kit comes with Air Lift’s 60-day satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty covering the entire contents of the kit.

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