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A.K.A. – How to score points
  1. Help the Lumberman level up squatting trucks by firing air springs at them (Space)
  2. Avoid road hazards (Up/Down Arrows)
  3. Always be on the lookout for any tasty treats, as they will provide you with a special bonus

Game Controls

SPACE: Launch air spring | Up/Down Arrows: Change lane | M: toggle music | P: Pause/resume game


You’ve all probably seen those pickup trucks on the road. You know, the ones that are squatting so severely under the stress of their load. You only wish you could throw a set of air bags at them to help them level their ride and continue on in safety and comfort. Well, your wish just might come true in our Air Lift game: Super Lumberman 2D!


Our April Fools week contest is over, but the game lives on! Play for fun and compete for weekly leaderboard bragging rights.

Weeky High Scores

1. 1000 Alex R
2. 900 Emily S
3. 800 Luke Z
4. 700 Chelsea P
5. 600 Gretchen S
6. 500 Ryan F
7. 400 Jamie R
8. 300 Bryan L
9. 200 Devin P
10. 100 John C
If you enjoyed this game, please share it with a friend: http://air-lift.co/superlumberman
Developed by Air Lift Company | Lumberman, vehicle, and traffic barrel graphics created with Pixelator | Sound effects from freesound

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