Get a smooth ride no matter what you're towing.

Air Lift's air suspension kits are designed to make your journey smoother, more comfortable, and safer than ever. No matter what you're towing and hauling.

With Air Lift you can…

Tow and Haul
Tow and haul with confidence
More control, better handling and improved comfort are just a few of the benefits of air suspension.
Adjustabilty Control
Adjust your ride anywhere
Adjustable air spring kits work with your existing suspension to level your vehicle to normal ride height.
Adjustabilty Control
Have a smoother, stress free ride
Air Lift suspension will smooth out your ride so you'll be relaxed when you get there.

Without Air Lift® you're at the mercy of the weight you're hauling

Ensure your vehicle is always level and stable so you can tow and haul with safety and comfort.

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A suspension solution for everyone

With a full line of adjustable air spring kits, on-board compressor systems, and over 450 fitments, Air Lift is the solution to anyone's squat.

Air Spring

Raise your standard of towing

When your back end is squatting, your vehicle isn't optimally aligned. Air Lift levels the weight of your vehicle and whatever you're hauling.

Customize your suspension

Whether you're a full-time RVer or just hitched up for short trips, you can adjust your Air Lift to level the weight of your vehicle and whatever weight you are hauling.

Air up anywhere

Add a compressor system to allow you the flexibility to air up on the go without the need to find a service station with an air pump. All adjustments are automatic and made with the touch of a button.

Say goodbye to bumpy rides

Rides can get rough when you're towing, hauling, or have distractions in the back seat. But traveling with your gear doesn't have to be a bumpy ride. Air Lift suspension will smooth things out.

A product you can trust

At Air Lift, we're committed to air suspension technology. It's our passion, and it's why we've been recognized as the industry leader for over 70 years.

Be more in control on the road with Air Lift
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Step 1
Find your perfect air suspension kit
Use our Kit Recommender to find the perfect Air Lift Suspension for your needs.
Get your kit installed
Step 2
Get your kit installed
Find a professional Air Lift installer near you or install the kit yourself in just a few hours.
Tow with confidence
Step 3
Enjoy towing with confidence
Don't let squat and sway ruin your trip. Level out your ride and take back control with Air Lift.
Real Reviews from Real Air Lift Customers
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Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
I immediately felt the difference. The truck set level and the ride was very smooth, as if the camper was not attached.
Don R., Virginia
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Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
Our pickup drives so much better now with the air springs when it is loaded heavy.
Kevin M., Idaho
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Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
The Air Lift system made my ride in the cab much more comfortable for those longer trips across the state.
Cody D., Michigan
Which kit is right for me?

Use our kit recommender to help you choose the perfect Air Lift suspension for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
A compressor isn't required, but it is convenient! An On-Board Air Compressor System allows you to inflate and deflate your air springs on-the-go. Compressors remove the hassle of pulling over or searching for service stations with air pumps. With our onboard compressor system, all adjustments are automatic and made with the touch of a button- all while driving!
Yes, you should always maintain the recommended minimum air pressure of 5 PSI, even if your vehicle isn't loaded. This keeps the air springs "in shape" and able to perform without rubbing or wearing.
Forever! If they are properly installed and maintained, our air springs can last indefinitely. Just check the pressure regularly or use an on board air system to maintain it for you. Air Lift offers a Lifetime Warranty on all our air spring kits.
No. While adding air can cause your vehicle to ride an inch or two higher, air springs are not designed to raise your vehicle above factory height. If you DO want to lower your vehicle, visit Air Lift Performance, which feature air spring systems designed to replace your existing suspension for lowered stance and higher performance.
Yes, most of Air Lift's applications work with overload springs. Find the fit for your vehicle.
Find Your Kit

No matter what you tow and haul, Air Lift has a solution for you. Find your kit by entering your vehicle information below.

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