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If you don't know Air Lift, you know squat.

Reduce Squat Reduce Squat, Sway & Bounce
Increase Safety Increase Safety & Stability
Improve Ride Quality Improve Ride Quality When Loaded
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Enjoy the #LifeOnAir you can only get with Air Lift®

All across the country people are finding their solution to squat. Click below to see their stories

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1. Find Your Kit

Tell us about your vehicle, and we'll find you the kit(s) that is designed specifically for you.

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Find an Authorized Air Lift Installer to have the kit professionally installed. Or, find an online retailer to install it yourself.

3. Start your #LifeOnAir

Once you tow with Air Lift, you'll never go back. We're so convinced of this, we'll give you your money back if you're not completely satisfied within the first 60 days.

Find Your Kit

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee, Air Lift Lifetime Warranty, 2 Year Compressor Warranty

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Online Retailers

Do-It-Yourself vs. Do-It-For-Me

Not sure whether you should try to install Air Lift air springs yourself or get professional help?

Well, can you change your own brakes?

We've found that, in most cases, people who are comfortable changing the brake pads on their vehicle have all the tools and mechanical aptitude they need to install air springs on their vehicle. You'll need a jack, jack stands, and common mechanics tools in order to install our air springs yourself.

Having the system professional installed also adds value to your system.

When you choose to have your Air Lift products installed by an Air Lift Authorized Installer, you get the additional benefits of an extended warranty on our most popular control systems and up to $150 in mail-in rebates.

Still can't decide? Watch a video or read the manual first!

Every kit comes with a fully-illustrated installation guide and many of our kits have installation videos available for you to reference.

Find Your Kit

Why Air Lift?

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