Ford F-150

Air Lift now offers the following kits for Ford F-150 Pickups: RideControl, LoadLifter 5000, LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE, and AirCell.

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LoadLifter 5000™

2004-2014 models only

LoadLifter 5000 Ford F-150 Kit 2WD: 572284WD: 57200

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LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE™

2004-2014 models only

LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE Ford F-150 Kit 2WD: 882284WD: 88200

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Where To Buy

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Looking for a standard duty air spring kit for casual use?

See part number 59568.


Looking for a load support solution for fixed loads?

See part number 52218.

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Why Air Suspension?

There are several load-assisting products available on the market today. While most options effectively address squat for a loaded vehicle, they present the same core challenge as the factory suspension. They are static solutions that leave your vehicle’s suspension tuned for a single driving state: loaded. This results in a whole new set of complications, namely an uncomfortable ride whenever the vehicle is not carrying a heavy load.

Air springs (also called air bags) are the only load support products that offer adjustability. Adjustable air spring kits work with your existing suspension to level your vehicle to normal ride height, thus eliminating the hazards of squat and the inconvenience of a static suspension. Adjustable air suspension enables you to change the spring rate of your vehicle on-the-fly by simply inflating the air springs when towing or hauling and deflating when riding empty.

Air springs can be adjusted using an on-board air compressor system or by using the included Schrader valve (the same valve used for filling most tires).


Why Air? Why Air Lift?

* Never exceed manufacturer’s recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

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